Janis at the Corner of Silicon Valley and the  Antennae Galaxies

Novel:  Remember Me

The novel is a retrospective look by a woman who was protesting the Vietnam War and racism during the tumultuous academic year of 1969-1970 at the University of California, Berkeley.  The novel follows a group of fellow protestors as they struggle through public as well as personal challenges while being beaten, teargassed, and jailed.  This group turns for guidance not to Mao's "Red Book" but to the works of Shakespeare, particularly Hamlet.

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Google Photo, YahooFinance.Com; The Antennae Galaxies Image “Once normal, sedate spiral galaxies like the Milky Way, the Antennae Galaxies have spent the past few hundred million years sparring with one another. This clash is so violent that stars have been ripped from their host galaxies to form a streaming arc between the two. In wide-field images of the pair the reason for their name becomes clear — far-flung stars and streamers of gas stretch out into space, creating long tidal tails reminiscent of antennae.”  ESA/Hubble & NASA.  www.spacetelescope.org  

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